subrata sen communications

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FILMWALLAHâ„¢ is a professional studio and production house run by Subrata Sen Communications. Located in Kolkata we provide high quality support from production to post-production of films and video. Run by a team of experienced professionals, the studio provides cameras and sound equipment for any kind of shooting requirement and makes all your post-production like editing, colour grading and DI and mastering in all possible formats.

We are the only studio in the Eastern part of India delivering high quality DCPs for projection in any theatre, including DCPs for International Film Festivals, National Awards and National Panorama. We are the only studio in this region to have got the affiliation from the International body of digital cinema, the Intersociety Digital Cinema Forum (ISDCF), who gave us our unique code after checking our DCPs.

We provide complete professional camera solution for shooting a film or video. We have a wide range of professional cameras with equally professional lens setups to suit every budget. We also provide on-field sound recording equipment for that clarity.

Our edit setup is cross-platform and hence we have the flexibility to offer you the software you need for your maximum comfort. Our setups are well-maintained with adequate backup systems and we can guarantee you almost zero downtime when you are working with us.

Our aim is to provide world-class service at affordable cost and we take care of every client, as per their specific needs. While we have worked with many big banners, we also provide support to filmmakers who work to fulfil their independent dreams. In short, we lend creative and technical support to Inde filmmakers in a big way.